About Beginner Linux Tutorial

Beginner Linux Tutorial is all about teaching Linux. I feel knowledge is power, and knowledge of Linux is a lot of power! You can do almost anything with a Linux computer systemLinux computer system. I love learning new information about Linux operating system as well. So I continue trying to do new things with Linux, writing down what I do, what works, etc. so I can pass this knowledge onto the readers of Beginner Linux Tutorial!

Linux is kind of like driving a manual transmission car! It’s more fun, more control, and also now you can drive any car! Same concept applies to Linux operating system, Linux is more fun to use, you have way more control over your computer system, you can install Linux on any computer, and if you know how to run Linux you can pretty much run any computer operating system!

Remember here at Beginner Linux Tutorial we love Linux operating system and everything about it, so if you want to learn something about Linux that isn’t here, please send an e-mail, sign-up for our free news letter, and if you have some Linux how-tos or Linux tutorials you would like to share here on Beginner Linux Tutorial send it to me and I will get it on here!

Have fun leanring Linux operating system! If you don’t alreayd have Linux installed on your computer, go do it! If you just want to purchase a Linux computer system, then get to it! Here are some places I recommend you purchase your Linux computer systems from: