How to Create a Good Secure Password

Strong PasswordYour files, credit card information, photos, videos, and all your other personal or professional data stored on your hard drive or some online account is yours and you don’t want others to gain access to your information. The first step to prevent others from accessing any of your accounts is creating a good password to keep your accounts secure.

I put together a few rules to follow when creating your passwords so that your accounts can not be compromised by digital thieves. Follow these rules to create your computer password, online passwords, Wi-Fi passwords, or any other password to make sure your accounts stay as safe as possible.

Follow these password rules listed below to keep your accounts safe and secure:

  • Never have a dictionary word in your password, even if you mask it by replacing letters with numbers or symbols. Example: many people will use their firstname (Brandon) and then mask it with other numbers and symbols (Br@nd0n). This is still a dictionary word. Stay away from these.
  • Always use all the types of characters that you are able to use on your password. Some websites do not allow you to use symbols in your passwords. If you can use all that you can lowercase letters, capital letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • ¬†Use at least 8 characters in your passwords
  • Do not repeat characters consecutively

I try to think of a phrase and use only the first few letters of each word and mask it with numbers and symbols, this way it’s not a dictionary word or multiple dictionary words, just parts of each word. For example I’ll take the phrase “I love Linux penguins” take first few characters from each word or just use first letter, last letter, and 1 or 2 middle letters. So now I will have Ilvelinxpengns. Now I will change a few letters to capitol letters and mask a few others with numbers and symbols. ILv31!NXpeNGn$ this password meets all the password rules I mentioned above and I can memorize this password easier than I can memorize a completely random password that follows the password rules above.

Now that you know how to create a strong secure password for your accounts, you may want to read how to change your Linux password and if you want to be more secure you can use a live Linux to be secure while online banking or shopping.

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  1. Vijaya
    Posted September 25, 2015 at 10:36 am | Linux tutorial comment

    Hi There,I also like Puppy Linux. The reason it boots so fast is bucseae it is only about 100 megs to transfer into your ram. The other live CDs are about 700 megs which takes 7 times as long to transfer to ram.There is another small distro of Linux called DSL (damn small linux) the is as small as Puppy but I have tried it and I doubt it would have the driver for your wireless.The best version of Linux I have used is Linux Mint 7 (now they have a Linux Mint 8 version for 64 bit systems) that should be able to connect to your wireless.However it is 700 megs and will take as long to boot as the others.You may have good luck with the new version of Puppy. It is version 7.30 and may have the drivers.Another possibility is to go on the Puppy forum and ask about a driver for your particular card. They are very prompt to answer questions and may be able to help.If you install a Linux distro (one that can connect) on your hard drive it will be much faster than the live CD since it does not have to read and transfer everything from CD.Hope this gives you some options,Alhave used several LInux distros

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