Linux Tutorials: Linux Tutorials

Linux tutorials for beginners. There are many Linux tutorials found here that will help a lot of Linux beginners out there just starting to run Linux. Even some advanced Linux users will find these Linux tutorials helpful.

How to Tether Linux with Android Smartphone

With smartphones becoming more popular and cellular data speeds becoming faster everyday there are a lot of people out there that have been tethering their Android smartphones with their Linux computers. What is tethering? Tethering is where you share¬†your smartphone’s internet service with your desktop or laptop computer. Most of today’s smartphones have this capability […]

How to Configure IP Address Linux

Many beginner Linux users get Linux installed on their computer or run a live Linux USB and get Linux running then can’t figure out how to connect to the internet and configure their IP address. Most Linux distributions will have this feature setup automatically to use DHCP to setup Linux IP address. Not everyone will […]

How to Run a .sh File in Linux

I’ve seen many people searching the internet looking for “run a .sh file” or “how to run a .sh file”. I’ve also had many Linux users ask me what do I do with a .sh file? Well a .sh file is a script file that you can run in bash. How to Run a .sh […]

How to Create a Live Linux USB Stick

In this Linux guide you will learn how to setup and install Linux on a USB thumb drive. This how to will teach you to create a live Linux USB stick using Linux, Windows, and Mac. You will obviously need a USB stick to install the live Linux onto. I’d recommend using at least a […]