Linux Tutorials: Basic Linux Commands

Linux tutorials on all of your basic Linux shell commands. Learn to use bash commands and operate your Linux system in CLI.

How to Change Linux Password with passwd Command

So you’ve been searching the internet on how to change your Linux password, how to change password in Linux terminal, or some other phrase related to changing your Linux password. Well changing your Linux password is easy to do. You can change your Linux password either using a GUI (Graphical User Interface) or a CLI […]

Linux chmod Command

In Linux you can set permissions on your files and folders. This is useful when you have a Linux computer with multiple users. This way you can specify which users can access what files and folders as well as what they can do with the files and folders. You can also setup groups and set […]

Linux chown Command Change Owner

The Linux chown command is used to change the owner and group of a file or directory. If you have a directory and you are not the owner and would like to be the owner of that directory, you can use the Linux chown command to change the owner to your username. Some of you […]

Linux more and less Commands

The Linux commands more and less are similar to cat, but with more and less you can scroll the file instead of showing the enter file at once. So if you have larger files you want to view that are longer than your screen or terminal then you can use more or less commands instead […]

Linux grep Command

The Linux grep command is used to extract lines of data from files or extract data from other Linux commands by using a pipe. When using the Linux grep command, there are many ways you can extract or print lines. You can use standard text to grep or you can use regex patterns. When using […]

Linux cat Command

In this Linux tutorial you will learn how to use the Linux cat command. The Linux cat command is the Unix command to list a file’s contents onto your screen, or pass via pipeline to use with other Linux commands. The cat command comes from the word concatenate. The usage of the Linux cat command […]

How to Delete in Linux Terminal rm Command

Many Linux users get confused when they are in a Linux terminal and trying to delete files of folders. So in this Linux tutorial, I will cover how to delete files in Linux terminal! The Linux delete command is another basic command that is used everyday while in a Linux terminal. There are only 2 […]

How to Move Files in Linux mv Command

If you are wanting to know how to move files in Linux, you will need to use the Linux mv command. There are a few different options you can use with the Linux mv command, but I normally don’t use them. I do use the Linux mv command along with other commands to accomplish some […]

cp Linux Copy Command

The Linux copy command is cp! Pretty simple right? There are many ways to use the Linux cp command. There are also many options for the cp command, but I usually only use 2 of them daily. The other options for Unix cp command I hardly use because there are other commands or programs in […]

Change Directory using cd Linux Command

In this Linux tutorial for beginners, you will learn how to change directories in Linux using the cd command. The Linux cd command is very easy to use. There are a couple options you can use with the cd command, but I won’t cover them as I hardly ever use them. I will show you […]

mkdir How to Create a Directory in Linux

For those of you wanting to know how to create a directory in Linux using the command line interface or Linux shell, you will want to read this Linux beginner tutorial on how to use the Linux mkdir command. The Linux command mkdir is used to make directories in Linux. There aren’t many options I […]

Linux File Info Command

The Linux file command is a pretty basic command in Linux that will output the file type information onto your screen. There are quite a few options for the Linux file info command, but I only use maybe 2 of the options on a regular basis. With Microsoft Windows it will always think that the […]

List Files and Folders with Linux ls Command

The Linux ls command is used to list files and folders in a directory. There are tons of options to use on the ls command. I will not cover every single option that you can use with the linux ls command. I will cover the most common options for the ls command. If you don’t […]

Linux Basic Commands Tutorial

There are many common Linux commands that will be helpful to you, if you ever even use the command line interface in Linux. Most average users just use the graphical user interface instead which usually has many tools and front-ends to Linux common commands. This Linux tutorial on command commands will help even the average […]